Kyrön Takomo Helin



Fork arms

Long professional experience and high quality alloy steel are the fundaments of our products. Capacity range starts from 1.5 tons up to 14.0 tons (per pair).

The manufacture meets all the applicaple requirements.


Raakahaarukka ja trukkipiikki, raakahaarukka ilman kiinnikkeitä

Blank forks

trukkihaarukat kiinnikkeillä

Fork arms with brackets

We produce fork arms with brackets with standard or special measures. Fork arms can be used in trucks, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers and pallet forks. Couplings available for different marks and brands.


rullalaakeroitu trukkihaarukka

Special fork arms

Special fork arms can be made with different types of brackets (pin type, slide, terminal west, rollers etc.).




Stone fork

Stone fork has wide and thick forks, for example size 130x400 mm.

Stone forks are produced with required measures.